Spacious Body: Explorations in Somatic Ontology

The Washington Post says Spacious Body "explores the way our culture puts too heavy an emphasis on external power and the will, robbing us of the joys of embodied experience...In this day of stress and compartmentalization, when we tend to reduce life to its constituent parts rather than see it as seamless experience, the questions Maitland poses in his book make for interesting reading."

Somatics magazine says, "Spacious Body is an eloquent attempt to understand and describe something ineffable" the experience of spontaneous freedom. Anyone who has engaged deeply in somatics, meditation, or creativity will know the place whereof Maitland speaks and will appreciate his thorough elucidation of it. Like phenomenologists, somatics pioneers, and mystics before him, he challenges the anti-body, anti-earthly existence position that has held sway in Western culture and upholds the perennial quest for illumination of the body. He is no fusty academician. His writing is informed by many years in the worlds of not only philosophy, but also Zen and Rolfing."